Kenny Anderson Molloy - Players Tribune Original image
Kenny Anderson, Archbishop Molloy HS Queens, NY – Players Tribune Original image submission which included, contractually, no edit or change to original image and no download ability. One-time use only

Please Read: from my own personal experience when you can’t even trust one of your all-time idols! With pro photog careers becoming more non-existent and an embarrassing amount of auto-setting amateur pseudo-photogs becoming more prevalent in the “industry” to satisfy business cost-cutting bottom lines, Derek Jeter’s Players Tribune, with all their money and power, is a prime example of the non-trust we endure as a dinosaur in the trade.

I was contacted a few years ago for use of one of my exclusive Kenny Anderson images which I’d shot with the graces from Molloy legendary coach Jack Curren whom I’d done work for for at his summer Fordham basketball camp. As other NY photogs/newspapers had no access to Kenny, Jack gave me access one afternoon during lunch. Kenny could not have been more friendly, personable and cooperative. Back in the day, as a stringer for NY Newsday, they published, back page, this image for an insert feature. I retained all rights after 90 days. Derek Jeter’s Players Tribune contacted me, via email in 2016, for a one-time 1-year use with no downloading or reprinting w/o compensation agreement contract, and has now currently archived the image w/copyright removed (bottom right).

I still own the rights to the image!

I’ve contact the The Player’s Tribune administration with no response…….
Sad state of affairs for an online edition with millions of subscribers, from which I am receiving no compensation and they’re in contractual copyright infringement through their agreement with me. Just sayin’…bullshit !!

Kenny Anderson as it is currently
This is how it’s currently being displayed. No photo credit and ability to share (bottom right) on Facebook, Twitter and email.