North Valley Baptist Church De la Cruz Blvd Santa Clara, CA  Photo: ©R. Allan Schnoor

The North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, Ca. received a cease and desist letter from the State of California and has been fined $5,000 per service. They are being denied 1st amendment rights under the constitution which provides for freedom of religion.

Pastor Jack Trieber recites the current statistics: there are 7 cases/day per 100,000 people, a risk level 0.0007 – very few.

California’s population of 40 million has 4205 cases requiring hospitalization resulting in a 0.0014 rate. There have been 240 deaths in Santa Clara far fewer than the 16 thousand predicted in March and 100 of those are from long care facilities.

“We believe the virus is real. We get tested everyday for temperatures and abide by regulations. We wear masks, do not shake hands, no hugging, no holding hands, no singing. We’re limiting attendance,” Trieber said.

We shut down everything for 14 weeks for two cases of Covid.

State mandates no indoor classes with penalties of $5000/day in fines. At $35,000/week these fines will collapse our Golden State Baptist college.

According to Pastor Trieber, local congressmen have persistently contacted Governor Newsom with no effectiveness.

Trieber points out that the athletic teams aren’t allowed to have practices or games, yet the 49ers, 1.7 miles away from their facility, is conducting practices in preparation for the NFL season.

North Valley Baptist Church De la Cruz Blvd.

Dr. Jack Trieber emphasizes that there is a destruction of other forms of health too. Besides physical health, these shutdowns are destroying emotional, spiritual and social health with a rise in suicide rates and an increase in alcoholism.

To hear his plea and most recent taped update, click on link below