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Jimmy Love, a name sounding like a character out of a Damon Runyon novel, lives and breathes The Old Town Saloon in San Diego CA.  A lovable, charismatic figure who’s been a fixture at the downtown drinking hole for decades, Jimmy, sitting in front of the jukebox as if he’s the house DJ, will gladly take care of your jukebox selections all night long.  In addition, he is full of old stories about the history of the OTS and the Old Town, CA. historic tourist district.

Jimmy once worked at the Saloon and has many a follower who still stop by to see him. “Oh yeah, I get people coming back every year to stop by,” Jimmy said.  ” I love seeing everyone!”, speaking of the tourists.  But as the locals will attest, Jimmy is a local icon too.  A daily staple at The Old Town Saloon, he’s loved, admired and a local treasure right out of a Mark Twain novel.

If you want a treat, make sure to stop by to see Jimmy Love. And don’t worry, he’ll be there right in front of the jukebox.